Proyecto que ha conseguido transformar el suero procedente de la fabricación del queso, una vez desproteinizado, para la obtención eficiente y rentable de ácido láctico mediante procesos de fermentación con microorganismos inmovilizados, control de proceso mediante tecnología NIR y extracción mediante estrategias de química verde. The general aim of this proposal is to design a process for the lactic acid production from de-proteinized whey. New inmobilisation techniques will be applied in fermentation process with near Infrared spectroscopy that will be set as analytical tool to control the process in a quantitative way, at real time. Green chemistry strategies will be used for the simultaneous reaction and extraction of lactic acid in supercritical fluids technology in order to get a whole sustainable and environmental friendly process. The potential market to produce lactic acid at a low cost with higher purity based on new production technologies will suppose a great increase in the demand and the evolution of new applications. Lactic acid and its derivatives are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic.

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