Biotechnology Laboratory

Designed to operate in the food industry through safety testing, detection of genetically modified organisms and designations of origin authentication with results available within hours. Its objective is the development of new production processes and support existing processes through research and development of biotechnological processes (such as biocatalysis and enzyme technology) to revalue waste and new products.

Applied thereto, the new molecular biology techniques to support the development and competitiveness of the food industry.


  • Qualitative and quantitative microbiological analysis (RT-PCR): Salmonella, Listeria.
  • Wine Cellars: pathogens identification such us Brettanomyces.
  • Guarantee of origin verification in meat products, wine, etc.
  • Food traceability.
  • Transgenic compounds identification in food and crops.
  • Virus and bacteria identification.
  • High industrial interest microorganisms characterization.
  • Variety identification of species to avoid frauds or non-local introduction of species.