CommONEnergy project has the objective to re-conceptualize shopping malls through deep retroffiting, develop a systemic approach made of technologies and solutions sets as well as methods and tools to support their implementation. Thanks to these actions, energy demands of buildings could be met with a less energy consumption while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As it is usual in this kind of projects, several teams in three different countries will be working at the same time over three different buildings, which will be used for demonstrators on which the proposed technologies will apply. In this case, the three selected buildings are an existing food retail building adding a new part to replace existing industrial buildings in Genoa (Italy), a conventional shopping center in Trondheim (Norway) and a traditional restored market in Valladolid (Spain).

The three Spanish partners of the Project, CARTIF, the city council of Valladolid and Acciona, will undertake different actions over the Mercado del Val of Valladolid.

It will take advantage the comprehensive remodeling of this food market to geothermal heat pumps to meet the building´s energy needs (hot and cold), efficient lighting elements, an automated control solution for managing the renovation of air flows and the switching of equipment, improved of the covering  glass envelope, increasing the energy efficiency with exploitation of hot air currents to meet energy needs.

Furthermore, CARTIF will take on other technical tasks in the general frame of the project,  that has a total budget of nearly 14 M €.

The Spanish Center shall be responsible for energetic audits to diagnose the starting situation of the three demonstrators. CARTIF will work on M&V procedures, both from the theoretical and practical point of view and on simulation activities related to the Spanish demo-case. It will participate on the BMS development, mainly on the creation of drivers and software/hardware interface for different elements focusing on the three demo sites. The center will lead tasks concerning the interaction with energy grid and monitoring of the effectiveness of the assessed solutions at demo-cases. Finally, CARTIF will support the implementation of solutions in the Spanish demo-case as chair of this demo.

For further information, please visit the project website

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