Green eMotion

This project is an initiative that aims to promote electromobility in several European regions. The project has a total budget of €42 million and will be funded by the European Commission through FP7 research programme with €24 million.

Green eMotion consortium consists of forty-three partners from industry, the energy sector, electric vehicle manufacturers, and municipalities as well as universities and research institutions. They have joined forces to explore the basic conditions that need to be fulfilled for Europe-wide electromobility.

CARTIF works in demonstration activities carried out in different European regions participating in the project, providing special support to Madrid / Guipúzcoa demonstrators. CARTIF will test the charging infrastructure to analyse the influence of the incorporation of the charging posts in the supply quality and grid connection stability. Also CARTIF will measure energy injected into recharge processes from renewables. Recommendations for better implementation of electric vehicles in Europe will be proposed based in the obtained results.

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