Environmental health surveillance system in urban areas, near incinerators and industrial premises

Most European cities are tackling the problem of managing over the same area urban dwellings, industrial premises and waste management plants (specifically incinerators). This situation causes great concern among citizens and among policy makers as well about adverse effects caused by air pollutants.

Furthermore, there is no satisfactory scientific evidence about the effects that pollutants from waste incineration can produce on human health, nor the space dispersion of these pollutants is taken into account by existing studies. This situation leaves citizens of the interested areas without any certainty about the effects that continuing exposure can generate. As a consequence, many conflits are likely to arise over territory's use between different stekeholders.

The operation proposed addresses the problematic situation outlined above, by focusing its main objective on the development of knowledge and scientific results that, when properly communicated and mainstreamed to the political representatives of the partner countries and of enlarged Europe, will provide with new important tools for the definition of common sustainable territorial policies through a correct planning of both environmental and health aspects.

This Project was co-financed by European Commission funds, within the framework of INTERREG III C Programme

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