Industrial Solutions

Technology offer

If there is something that defines CARTIF’s activity is our ability to provide end customers ready-to-use industrial solutions.The efficient manufacturing and the transition towards the Factory of the Future are at the core of our fundamental objectives.To achieve them, we rely in our research lines, continuously updated, and according the market needs. These research lines include, the flexible manufacturing, intelligent and efficient manufacturing processes and collaborative robotics and advanced automation, among others.In addition to this research work, we also keep track of the needed profitability four our customers so they maintain their market position.


Mantenimiento a distancia de maquinaria pesadaWe provide machine manufacturers with new diagnostic and predictive tools that help them in the remote maintenance management of the machines they install at their clients’ factories . This also allows smart and proactive maintenance strategies beyond the classic preventive and corrective ones.
 We are experts in the development of embedded systems for acquisition, supervision and predictive maintenance. We have developed a low-cost hardware and software architecture that can be easily adapted to any acquisition and processing specifications when the basic prototype do not fulfill client needs.
Diseño de máquinas y mecanismos especialesFor various productive sectors: meat, winemaker, agricultural, automotive, food, etc, in accordance with the applicable legislation in each case.
Desarrollo de máquinas para la dispensación de productos especialesFor any industry sector that needs it, from the pharmacist to the dealers. A capacity designed to provide service to the suppliers of industrial equipment.
Diseño de bastidores para máquinas y mecanismosStatic, modal and dynamic analysis.
Sizing and topology optimization.
Modular solutions and joint characterization.
Vulnerability assessment. Resilience and damage.
FSI -Fluid structure interaction simulations (vortex shedding, sloshing in tanks, ...)
Also applicable for mobile structures such as collapsible and folding systems as containers and temporarily structures.
Aplicaciones de robótica industrial y de servicioHuman-machine interaction. Mechatronics and sensorization. Service robots.
Reconocimiento de formas y texturasApplication to industrial, aereal, satelital and industrial and home surveillance images.