Industrial Solutions

Technological services

Furthermore of our technology offer, our research lines and the business opportunities, we have a range of specialized services just for improving the diary work of the companies.

 Monitoring, supervision and control of manufacturing processes and prototype manufacturing machines with PLC-based architectures. Turnkey installations including design (mechanical and electrical), installation, programming (PLC and SCADA) and commissioning.
 Deployment of sensor networks using a great variety of sensors: gas sensors, vibration, luminosity, temperature, humidity etc. The implementation includes low cost embedded systems based on open source software and hardware platforms.
 Advanced Process Control design, optimization and automation, using ground-breaking advanced distributed control systems, like Siemens PCS7 systems which combine scalable control architecture with powerful engineering tools.
 We use National Instruments and dSpace hardware and tools for hardware-in-the-loop tests of advanced controllers.
 We develop proof-of-concept devices for acquisition and control. Once it is clear that the client’s idea is feasible, we can also help in the pre-series developing.
We own a laser welding cell from TRUMPF manufacturer, the TruLaser Cell 3004. It is equipped with a fiber laser (TruFiber 400) that allows us to make 2D welding operations and the processing of medium to low size parts.
 This tool is designed specifically for distilleries, allowing continuous ABV measurement with three applications: monitoring, supervision and control and integration of the equipment in the plant process control system.

Knowledge Discover in Databases (KDD): discovering useful knowledge from a collection data structured (relational databases, XML) or unstructured (text, documents, images). The objective is to find relevant and valid knowledge embedded in the data and express it in an understable way to the final user.

As a complement to CAD services and laser scanning and photogrammetry abilities, in Cartif there are low cost manufacturing facilities including PRUSA i3 and Fortus 50mc.
The Fortus 250mc 3D printing machine builds ABS durable and accurate parts. It is used for conceptual models, functional prototypes, and real equipment, not just mockups!