Industrial Solutions

International projects

Our concerns have led us to work in many different countries. In Europe, through EU Programmes and in America, through Latin American Programme for Science and Technology Development (CYTED). These are some CARTIF ongoing projects in the industry sector.

FP7 Project which overall purpose is to deliver innovative solutions for efficiency in the use of resources and renewable energy within manufacturing. Using extensive knowledge from production processes, energy simulation, resource planning and energy storage. For further information, please visit
The ambitious aim of this FP7 project is to enhance the competitiveness of the European laser industry by accelerating technology transfer. As an SME’s business success relies heavily on a quick market launch, and securing user acceptance for its new technologies and products, LASHARE will help minimize the risks involved in this process and strengthen Europe as a leading manufacturing location, by helping innovative manufacturing technologies get to market more quickly. For further information, please visit

FP7 Project which main objective is to develop a system able to detect the typical flaws in laser welding. It will be designed for both the Nd:YAG and the CO2 laser, and various kinds of materials, like steel, stainless steel and aluminium. For further information, please visit

Iberoeka Project developed in Spain and Bolivia. The aim of the project is the study, selection, integration and implementation of embedded systems applied to predictive diagnosing breakdowns in machinery that requires autonomy and reliability benefits. The proposed innovation is to identify trends in the state of the machine to detect the types of mechanical vibrations and its equivalent in the electrical

Iberoeka Project developed in Costa Rica. The project’s objective is to develop a monitoring and control system for small sugar mills. The system allows users to keep a better control of the production area. The process involves the introduction of an automatic control systems and high-impact physical quantities in the production process, such as the pH of the juice, the temperature, density of the cane syrup, etc.

CYTED Network for Science and Technology Transfer to improve the production process of cardboard sheets controlling materials, heat, starch and manufacturing process. The Project involved research groups from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala and Venezuela

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