Industrial Solutions

Business opportunities

With our actual products and developments, your company could get an innovative differential that is necessary to position your enterprise and compete in this environment. But, of course, we continue researching and innovating to develop new applications and technologies for our clients advance.

We have own manufacturing system designed for the handling and transport of containers of low stability. As an additional element, the system makes labelling tasks with materials such as metal, leather or rubber.
Specially designed for industrial inspection tasks on sites of difficult access and/or toxic environment. Also applicable for inspection of areas affected by earthquakes, military applications, etc
A solution that allows your company to automate the current procedure which is still done manually. We have two different systems with different modes of operation depending on the circumstances of each factory space.
For spare parts and final product. These multitasking systems include tools assembly, industrial robots, process engineering, quality assurance, final product performance.
Design, development and turnkey delivery of installations, machinery and mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic drives systems.
This system allows us to reproduce, in a matter of hours, objects of up to 12,000 cm3. Used to make conceptual models, functional prototypes, final parts, etc.
We have a tyre debeader for any diameter tires. The drive can be by chip, cut or hydraulic, and is designed and adapted to the client needs.
We have an expertise of 20 years in this kind of technologies, so we have could developed an automatic and visual system based in standard equipment.
Monitoring, supervision and control of manufacturing processes and prototype manufacturing machines with PLC-based architectures. Turnkey installations including design (mechanical and electrical), installation, programming (PLC and SCADA) and commissioning.
SAGIT is a complete business and manufacturing management software specially developed for agrofood manufacturing companies. Its design is oriented to factory data capture in low or medium automated manufacturing processes. As a result of this, the system has a high flexibility and adaptability, and has been successfully implemented in different real agrofood manufacturing companies. Some of our success cases are industrial bakeries, wineries, fresh and pre-cooked vegetables, liquor distilleries, fresh and cured pork factories, cheese manufacturing, pickles and snacks.
Specially oriented to continuous processing plants. This service improves the efficiency, safety, environmental impact and profitability of the production process, thus reducing oscillation and variability and making it more accurate, faster and safer.
We provide different levels of service including the vibration analysis of client’s rotating machinery or the installation and monitoring of a vibration monitoring system (off-the-self or customized) that provides alarms when an incipient mechanical or electrical fault is detected.