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Technology offer

We are committed with the future’s greatest challenge: to improve people’s quality of life, particularly for the ageing phenomenon from different health perspectives, by developing and marketing high-impact life-transforming products and services.  


Applied to supply stores and in the management of the Clinic Laboratories.
Through the standars CEN 13606, DICOM, IHE, X73
The use of robotic systems for neurorehabilitation offer significant therapeutical advantages. They can extend substantially the capacities of therapists who work with patients suffering from motor impairments. Several reviews show an improvement of the upper limb motor function when robotics were used in combination with physiotherapy.
Based on non invasive bioelectric signals, the information is processed and the multimodal clinic data are integrated.
Interfaces, systems and dispositives that improve the communication beetwen old people. Ambient Assisted Living solutions for home and work places.
We are developing a tool for the prediction of the rupture risk, which is evaluated when the patient is under medical check-up. Depending on the risk, subjected to surgical intervention or a period of revision. Knowing the dynamics of growth of the aneurysm is possible to evaluate the risk of rupture in a foreseeable more advanced state of evolution, allowing to establish a much more accurate personalized follow-up.