Energy and Environment

Technology offer

We have 15 years experience in technologies, R&D projects and developments for the companies that concern to all the stakeholders in the Energy and Environment sector. We were pioneer in renewable energies and biofuels research in Spain and now, we have one of the most prepared research group in Energy all overEurope.

Energy solutions

Currently we work on large integrated systems, capable of generating energy for the building using solar power and geothermics, as a complement to the conventional systems, with the aim at: maximizing the energy yield from the renewable resource, optimizing the overall performance, establishing the best modes of operation for each work scenario, decreasing the economic and environmental costs of the energy generation
We work on the design and development of sensors networks, middleware platforms, and e-services, by the premise of interoperability, flexibility, scalability, and standardization, thus creating the required digital environment where the concept of "environmental intelligence" can be displayed.
The energy generation for air conditioning of apartment buildings, offices or similar structures is performed by conventional systems, such as natural gas and diesel boilers, cooling towers, heat pumps, and other systems that consume fossil fuels and electricity. The goal this research line sets for itself is the incorporation of renewable energies working in parallel to these systems in the most efficient way possible
We utilize modeling tools like TRNSYS, on whose use we’ve got extensive experience, especially on dynamic simulation of buildings and energy systems based on renewable resources.
All this fields join together within the term “Intelligent Environment” (AmI, from the acronym in Spanish), a new paradigm that grows around the concept of “Digital Home,” which is the instrument that makes possible to introduce to homes energy efficiency strategies, with the purpose of helping the users to optimize the energy consumption of their homes without diminishing their comfort.
We develop apps for a more efficient management of smart grids.
At regional, national and international scale, mainly focused on agro-forest and wood manufacturing processes.
Technology development of biomass and organic waste energy valorization. Biobased new products and CO2 sequestration processes.

Environmental management solutions

Water treatment and reuse technologies, water resource management at urban and regional scale, development of integral solutions based on new business models
This kind of treatment has good perspectives since the obtained monomers can be used in the production of new plastic materials. Recycling of polyurethane foam from car seats by glycolysis is one of the processes developed by CARTIF. CARTIF also works in waste polyethylene thermal treatment processes.
Development of instruments in support of eco-innovation, to improve competitiveness: LCA, energy footprint, Carbon Footprint, Environmental Testing Technologies, Eco-design, Eco-labels and economic-environmental counts.


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