BIM-SPEED, BIM methodologies for old buildings in Europe

30 november 2018

Researchers from CARTIF are attending in Brussels this week the kickoff meeting of BIM-SPEED, a new challenge that seeks to increase the use of BIM methodologies in the deep renovation of buildings for energy efficiency, because currently this methodology is not very widespread in this field of application, but is more common in new buildings.

The project consortium proposes to develop an on-cloud platform that allows the communication and integration of different BIM tools existing in the market and / or new development. The project aims to break down all the technological, economic and organizational barriers of all parties interested in the housing renovation market in order to take advantage of the BIM's potential.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To solve the existing technical, economic and organisational bottlenecks for BIM adaptation and adoption in all stages of the renovation process.
  • To present evidence of the added values of BIM for renovation through real demonstration projects and benchmarked best practices.
  • To generate BIM Passports of the existing residential building stock and components for accelerating the EU market uptake of BIM for renovation.
  • To deploy and maintain an innovative, affordable and open BIM cloud platform to manage all BIM data from the existing building stock.
  • To develop and validate interoperable BIM tools to support all actors in the renovation market (designers, HVAC engineers, construction firms), stakeholders (building owners, local authorities), and inhabitants.
  • To define and standardise BIM-based procedures for acquiring and interpreting data from the existing buildings, as-built modelling, building energy modelling and performance analysis.
  • To obtain and configure innovative deep renovation solutions for energy-efficient buildings to be implemented through low-disturbance, clean and flexible renovation strategies.
  • To eliminate the energy performance gap between the renovation engineering calculation, realisation, and post-renovation occupation while maintaining an optimal comfort level for the inhabitants.

The demonstration of the project will be carried out in 13 different residential buildings, which occupy all the types of housing that exist in Europe.

The integral solutions proposed by BIM-SPEED are:

  • A cloud-based BIM platform that is open, affordable and user-friendly
  • A set of inter-operable BIM tools, existing and new ones, all connected through the BIM cloud platform
  • Validated and standardised procedures for BIM-based activities throughout the whole renovation process

CARTIF will carry out the interoperability between tools and standardization, as well as the development of the platform, in addition to participating in the rest of the work packages. On the other hand, will lead to the creation and adaptation of three-dimensional models by means of point cloud, detection of constructive elements by means of methodologies based on rules and / or machine learning, energy simulation of buildings, application of protocols of measurement and verification as the IPMVP, capture, treatment and integration of dynamic data in the BIM model through IoT and other protocols.

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