OptEEmAL presents its platform prototype at Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

16 november 2018
Experts from the smart city sector, architects, city planners and further stakeholders came together to follow 'The OptEEmAL Solution for Energy Efficient District Retrofiffing' workshop, in the context of Smart City Expo World Congress 2018, which has taken place this week in Barcelona.

Since about 75% of buildings in the EU are energy inefficient, OptEEmAL project, coordinated by CARTIF, is developing an Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform that facilitates the retrofitting of buildings and districts. The platform is able to design energy efficient retrofitting projects that are based on different energy conservation measures to improve the performance of a district. The tool will reduce time delivery and uncertainties and result in improved solutions when compared to business-as-usual practices.

'With the OptEEmAL Platform, the design of energy efficient retrofitting solutions will be easier and faster, and save money. It helps find the best retrofit solution in terms of costs and benefits thanks to the use of latest construction modelling tools', said OptEEmAL project coordinator Miguel Á. García-Fuentes, researcher from CARTIF, during his introduction of the OptEEmAL project.

With his key note on 'Open Energy Data', Mikko Martikka from Horizon 2020 project mySMARTLife Lighthouse City Helsinki presented his projects new framework for better energy retrofit solutions thus setting the stage for further discussions. This European project, also coordinated by CARTIF, aims at reducing the CO2 emissions of cities, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and making the demonstration cities more environmentally friendly.

In the subsequent sessions, participants discovered the benefits and special features of the OptEEmAL platform and got to know one of the project's demonstration sites, San Sebastián (Spain). There, planning and implementation of the retrofitting actions recommended by the platform has already started. The OptEEmAL team guided participants and potential users through the steps of the platform, including data input, simulation and optimisation processes. Besides, participants had the chance to attend the first public live demonstration of the OptEEmAL platform prototype using real district data from one of the project's study cases.

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