José R. Perán, recognized with the second prize in Roger Léron Awards 2018

11 october 2018

The CEO from CARTF wins the second prize in the fourth edition of Roger Léron Awards 2018, a prize that recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of sustainable energy at the EU, regional and local levels. The award ceremony took place yesterday at the Palais des Académies, in Brussels.

The aim of this award is to acknowledge persistency, positive attitude, the proactive approach and successful implementation of various projects within a very wide field of sustainable energy on a local and regional level in Europe.

José R. Perán is an emeritus professor at University of Valladolid (Spain), where he manages the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatics. Due to its work in the private sector for many years, he could see the existing gap between the Academy and Industry and to solve the industrial problems, he promoted applied research and innovation. He has dedicated his professional career to research and teaching and he carries on being active through the management of CARTIF Technology Centre. He actively contributes to the creation of the regional innovation system in Castilla y León. After 20 years of work, CARTIF has consolidated a relevant group of more than 150 professional researchers leading high-level projects on energy efficiency, renewable energies, smart cities, circular economy, biofuels... He has always been aware of the great importance of energy in all its applications, especially industries and cities.

In this edition, the winner has been Andy Bull, an ‘early-adopter’ of new sustainable technologies and ideas who saw the potential of on-farm anaerobic digestion in Mid Wales. Experienced in accessing EU funding and running EU funded projects, he could influence policy at local and national levels, build awareness and confidence with Welsh farmers and landowners. Finally, the other second prize has won by Gérard Savatier because of his contribution to the development of renewable energies. 

These awards are organized by FEDARENE and is named in memory of Roger Léron, a pioneer of regional energy development in Europe and one of FEDARENE’s founders who also served as its President for over a decade (1995-2007). FEDARENE is a leading association of local and regional energy agencies and regions in Europe, which supports activities dedicated to long-term accomplishments in the areas of energy and sustainability. In the line with its missions, FEDARENE arrived at the decision to recognize firm contributions to the fields covered by the scope of its member organisations, through the establishment of the Roger Léron Award.


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