Three new projects join the Lighthouse Projects’ Manifesto

27 april 2018

Representatives of the twelve European Lighthouse Projects about smart cities met in Lisbon, in the framework of the Portugal Smart Cities Summit, with the aim of signing a new manifesto of common collaboration, like the first one they signed a few months ago in Nottingham, due to the adhesion of three new projects. CARTIF coordinates two of them, REMOURBAN and mySMARTLife, and participates in two more, SmartEnCity and MatchUp.   

The signing of this Manifesto seals cooperation and collaboration within the Lighthouse Project Community, whose main goal is to improve life in European cities. These projects work on urban regeneration strategies in Europe through actions in the fields of energy efficiency in buildings, sustainable mobility and information and communication technologies to develop better services for citizens, as well as the replicability of these solutions in other cities, data management, business models or analysis of non-technical barriers.

Considering that the challenges faced by these projects’ consortiums are similar, the collaboration emerged between the first three projects of the first H2020 call, REMOURBAN, TRIANGULUM and GrowSmarter, to which the following ones were added. Currently, these twelve projects involve 36 lighthouse cities and 42 follower cities throughout Europe.

The projects’ consortiums established a work teams about issues such as replicability, communication and business models, as well as the celebration of some event in lighthouse cities. The first one took place in Nottingham (United Kingdom), organised by REMOURBAN project, and the second one took place in Sonderborg (Norway), organised by SmartEnCity project. The last one, in Lisbon, has based its conferences on the replicability of solutions, going into detail about analysing the experience of the implementation and the business model, first results, involved people…

The signing of this document represents a crucial step in the European Union’s efforts to optimize the research results obtained in these projects and ensure that they are integrated beyond the projects themselves.

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