REZBUILD project meets in Oslo, after the first 6 months of work

16 april 2018

The partners of Rezbuild project have celebrated in Oslo (Norway) a meeting after the first 6 months of the development of the project, in order to share the status of art of each Work Package with the EU Project Officer and the whole team, interacting to facilitate knowledge sharing between the consortium, compound by 13 partners from 5 different countries.    

This meeting is included in the framework of a workshop organized by the project to inform about the refurbishment methodology that is going to be validated in the Norwegian demo building, located in Bertramjordet housing cooperative. The dwelling selected represents typical dwellings in Norway.  

The housing cooperative is a suitable site for demonstrating the expected higher efficiency of BIPV in cold climate and good use of aerogel insulation. The goal of the renovation is the reduction of more than 60% in consumption and cost of energy, improving comfort the tenants and making the building energy performance as a key element of the total poverty value. After the meeting, representatives of partners of the project could visit the demo.

Rezbuild project aims to define an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for transforming RE assets into Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). Rezbuild bases its refurbishment ecosystem with the integration of cost-effective technologies, business models and life cycle interaction to diverse residential renovation typologies and interconnecting both, building renovation stages and stakeholders. The developed tools and technologies will be applied on the four main residential buildings typologies in Europe: single-family house, terraced house, multi-family house and apartment block.

This workshop, framed within the participative processes carried out in the project, aims to raise awareness on the impacts of the project among the final users and detect any potential social risk deriving from its implementation. This is focused on the owners of the houses living in the neighbourhood that will be refurbished within the framework of the project. Furthermore, the workshop has been a good chance to present Rezbuild and its general objectives and specific measures in the capital of Norway, in order to improve the knowledge about the project Local communities’ acceptance and the understanding of Oslo population about this project is considered essential to succeed in the development of renovation actions.

Rezbuild is aligned with European political strategies such as the fight against climate change, energy transition, the creation of qualitative and qualified jobs in key sectors such as the construction industry and social aspects like energy poverty.
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