CITYFIED, one of the European projects of Smart 50 Awards

02 february 2018

Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite, annually recognize 50 global smart cities projects from all around the world, honouring the most innovative and influential work.

This year, under the field of Energy Awards, CITyFiED project, led by CARTIF, is one of the projects chosen because of its goal of delivering a replicable, systemic and integrated strategy to transform European cities into Smart Cities, focusing on reducing the energy demand and GHG emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. CITyFiED works on achieve this by developing and implementing innovative technology and methodologies for building renovation, smart grids, district heating networks and mobility.

The demonstration action is being carried out in three European cities; Laguna de Duero (Valladolid, Spain), Soma (Turkey) and Lund (Sweden). Furthermore, the project involves a relevant number of other cities and the necessary technological stakeholders in a cluster, with the aim of maximizing the impact and replication potential from these three demo sites.

The actions, carried out by the consortium, involve the retrofitting of 221,158 m2 of living space and 2,213 dwellings, meaning more than 5000 citizens.

But this is not the only recognition that CITyFiED has achieved last year. The project, and specially the Spanish Demo of Torrelago (Laguna de Duero, Valladolid) has received in October 2017 the Global District Energy Climate Awards in the emerging market category, because of its successful implementation of a district energy system in 31 residential buildings, in a country that does not yet have an established market.

On the other hand, in November, CITyFiED was recognised at Green Building Council Spain and Mapei Sustainable Business Awards, due to the development of a real sustainability project, combining a high architectural quality with minimal impact on the environment.

The Gala of Smart 50 Awards is going to take place in Kansas City next March 26.

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