SHCITY Project, recognised with the seal of the European Year of Cultural Heritage

16 january 2018

This distinction has been created by the European Union to promote the work of those projects that provide added value to heritage and that are committed to promoting the exchange and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared resource, in addition to raising awareness about history and common values and reinforce a feeling of belonging to a common European area.

The project, which takes Ávila as the pilot city, is based on the installation of a network composed by 230 sensors and devices in 26 areas of the historic complex, which will control in real time a score of environmental or structural parameters, as well as others related to the security, energy consumption or the flow of visitors.

The data collected by the sensors will be added to those derived from other systems, generation an information flow of more than 1000 data per hour, which will facilitate the work of the managers, improving diagnosis and decision-making, through knowledge more accurate of the buildings and their surroundings. The pre-visualization of the data can be done on an urban 3D model.

SHCity also includes the development of an application for tourists that will take advantages of the information captured by the monitoring systems and give more informational knowledge, aimed at raising awareness among visitors and society in general of the importance of preserving the heritage in an adequate way.

In last months, it has also enabled an accessible forum, through the web of the project oriented, mainly to managers, technicians and researchers share their knowledge about the application of new technologies to the management of heritage.

The project will be presented this week in Fitur, within the Forum of Innovation and Tourism Technology. The aim is to show attendees how to design a new concept of tourism destination through innovative conceptualizations of architecture, care of historical heritage, improvement of urban mobility or flows of people, aspects in which the City of Ávila has worked in the recent years and in which Smart Heritage City has an impact.

The progress of the project can be followed through its website

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