Nottingham, leader on clean public transport thanks to REMOURBAN

14 july 2017

The city is taking the lead on e-mobility in Europe through an ambitious electric bus project, launched in 2012. Its objective is to convert its entire tendered bus fleet to electric buses. REMOURBAN project, led by CARTIF, contributes with this initiative with an important part of the funds, due to Nottingham is involved in the project as ‘Lighthouse city’.

Nottingham’s electric bus project has three objectives: reduce air pollution, decrease noise levels and cut operating costs. After these five years, it has already delivered carbon emissions cuts worth 1050 tons, and decreased fuel costs by €340.000. Upon completion of the project in 2018, Nottingham will be able to save over €225.000 per year in the operation of its bus fleet. These generated savings are critical for the city, especially in light of strained public budgets.

In addition to mobility, the REMOURBAN European project is carrying out actions in energy, ICT and Society sectors since 2015, with the goal of getting urban regeneration, improving urban sustainability and being very close to the citizens. Together with Nottingham, Valladolid (Spain) and Tepebasi (Turkey) are the other two cities involved in the project, where the results are beginning to be noticed.  

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