The first project about Nature Based Solutions in Europe starts

04 november 2016

Nature4Cities has been launched this week after its first kick off meeting, which has taken place in Anglet (France), with the attendance of the 26 European partners, who will work together the following 4 years to apply Nature Based Solutions in the places where we live.

Re-naturing cities has recently emerged as a new strategic priority within the EU framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Most Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) can’t be thought just as replacements for conventional solutions, but require a new whole governance approach. Integrating NBS in urban planning requires both a change of mind in multiple stakeholders, new governance, business and financing models as well as new integrated assessment capabilities.

In this context, Nature4Cities (N4C) appears as one of the two projects that will be funded in order to build a common ground for NBS-related Research and Innovation in Europe.

This project is based on the building of a NBS knowledge base and associated integrated analysis framework, the development of a holistic assessment methodology, the adaptation of existing technologies for urban data management and citizens’ participatory engagement, and the co-development with partners.

Based on a detailed mapping of urban challenges and relevant nature-based solutions (NBS), Nature4Cities aims to develop complementary and interactive modules to engage urban stakeholders in a collective-learning process about renaturing cities, develop and circulate new business, financial and governance models for NBS projects, as well as provide tools for the impacts assessment, valorization and follow-up of NBS projects.

Nature4Cities indicators, methodologies, tools and platform will be field tested in real working environments and on real nature-based solution projects and developments in selected cities in Europe: Alcalá de Henares (Spain), Milano (Italy), Szeged (Hungary) and Çankaya (Turkey).

Researchers from CARTIF brings its long experience in intelligent cities and sustainable management, and will be responsible for tasks such as the development of ICT tools and platforms, the measurement of the environmental benefits of the proposed solutions and the creation of new strategies in urban planning.

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