The value of Art in the new smart cities

15 november 2016

In the framework of the SmartenCity Project, which main goal is to make the city environment smart and sustainable, 20 apartment buildings in Tartu's demo district (Estonia), are not only waiting to be fully renovated and turned into modern, energy-efficient houses but also to become unique and attractive places. Therefore, the City of Tartu is inviting artists to participate in the International Art Competition.

Converting the former old Soviet apartment buildings into modern, lively places is the aim of SmartEnCity´s project partner Tartu. Art is playing an important role, adding value to public space and enhancing the quality of life in this area.

Following the unique and extraordinary approach of Tartu of combining technical and aesthetical aspects, an International Competition of Art shall attract artists to create murals, sculptures and various installation objects for each apartment block of the Tartu demo site. Considering the specific context and surrounding of each building is the specific challenge of this competition.

All kind of artists are invited to participate and to submit their application by November 30th. The competition will identify a pool of artists and provide them with the financial resources to realise their ideas.

In addition to renovations and smart home solutions, this project will also entail innovative solutions in district heating, transport, street lighting, renewable energy use and will emphasize citizen engagement and awareness raising. Electric vehicle charging points and electric bicycle and vehicle rental stations will be installed in the smart city district (pilot area) as well.

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