Steinbeis Europa hosts Women4Energy International Conference

23 november 2016

This year's Conference will taking place in Stuttgart, Germany on 30th November 2016. This one-day event will be delivered by women who are at the forefront of energy efficient smart cities and renewable energy.

The topic of this year’s conference will be “Towards a low-carbon economy” with a special focus on the implications and conclusions of the Paris Agreement. At the climate conference in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal. In order to achieve the intended objectives all main sectors responsible for Europe's emissions need to contribute – power generation, industry, transport, buildings, and agriculture.

The conference reaches out to all female professionals active in energy related innovation to: create new business ideas and technology solutions for the energy market, generate and discuss new business models to get solutions to market, encourage innovative business creation, and to enhance market entry for innovative energy technologies, processes and services.

Aimed to encourage business development and innovation in the energy market, a plenary session will then explore scientific developments and new trends in SCC projects; road mapping of KIC InnoEnergy; and the challenges and future strategies of the Lighthouse City of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The session on Smart Cities will elaborate on ICT, mobility and energy. As part of this, Isabel Sánchez from Onyx Solar and participating in the R2CITIES project (led by CARTIF) will present BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics) solutions. There will also be an overview about Climate Neutral Berlin 2050 – the policy roadmap for energy efficiency and climate protection in the German capital.

The second parallel session will take a specific look at solar, wind, water and biomass as renewable sources of energy. In addition, Dr. Jeannette Sieber of the European Institute for Energy Research, will explore the influence of extreme weather events on renewable energy and cities.

Efficient buildings are the overriding theme of the third session with emphasis on heating, cooling, insulation and the Smart Home. These focus areas will be considered using the examples of the Strategic Urban Planning – Vienna 2050 roadmap, and energy performance contracting.

Women4Energy has the goal to connect women from all backgrounds and working cultures in the energy related sectors to enhance knowledge transfer and market access for new products and services needed to answer the energy challenges of our society. At the same time W4E gives visibility to women in the energy sector, encouraging young women to engage in this important research and working field to join forces for a better and more sustainable future. Women4Energy believes in the power of diversity and mixed teams to exploit the full potential of creativity and inspiration.

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