LIFE HUELLAS releases footprint calculator for railway construction

24 august 2016

The LIFE HUELLAS project has released a publically-accessible version of its footprint calculator for the construction of railways. The tool is available from the project’s website.

The LIFE HUELLAS project consortium is led by CARTIF in partnership with the companies VIAS and IK-Ingeniería, and the University of Granada. The project aims to reduce the carbon and water footprint of rail infrastructure, by 10% and 5% respectively, by developing decision-making tools and methodologies for use during railway construction.

The construction of railway infrastructure, which accounts for around 28% of the carbon emissions attributed to rail transport, involves a multitude of decisions from planning to execution. The project is therefore reviewing and analysing the environmental and social impacts of every stage in the construction process, using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Social LCA (SLCA) techniques. The footprint calculator is based on a series of environmental impact and social indicators developed by the project, which are also being made available in a best practices manual. The project’s tools will enable railway construction companies to combine environmental, economic and social analysis to enhance the sustainability of their activities.

Further information on the LIFE HUELLAS project is available on its website and through its newsletters.

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