Lactic acid can improve footwear properties

28 october 2015

Providing a beneficial health properties: a smoother and more resistant skin, thanks to its regenerative power, moisturizing and softening.

This is the aim of LACTISHOE project, which will work over the next two years in a new range of products for footwear (insoles and lining) with beneficial properties for the foot by incorporating lactic acid microencapsulated.

To achieve this, an hybrid membrane-fermentation reactor will be developed for producing lactic acid with high yield and purity. Then, it will perform the lactic acid microencapsulation, and then it will be incorporated in the templates and in the lining of shoes.

In addition, Eco-design strategies will join the process of obtaining lactic acid. Thus, it is possible to add value to whey, a waste that has never been used in the footwear industry, posing an innovation in this field and getting an environmental benefit.

The project partners are CARTIF and Footwear Technology Centre in La Rioja, while Arneplant and Garmaryga companies will apply the results to the templates and footwear liner manufacturing.
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