CARTIF presents SMARTZA Project, a new effort in Smart City Initiative in Spain

10 december 2012

This Project will make Zamora (Spain) in a smart city .

CARTIF provide all its technological expertise in dynamic simulation of renewable energy facilities, building and energy systems. Expertise proven in various ongoing projects within Valladolid & Palencia Smart City initiative, driven from the center of Boecillo.

The project, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy with FEDER funds, is built in three phases:

The first one, will be used to perform the feasibility study and the technical and economic analysis of the solutions are to implement: energy rehabilitation of buildings, design of efficient power generation and distribution networks with integrated heating and cooling, intelligent management street lighting, urban transport and other services through the use of appropriate ICTs. These studies will be carried out in an experimental installation with projection of future business.

The second phase will be to develop and implement these techniques in a neighborhood of Zamora, acting comprehensively in all spaces and networks: buildings, public facilities, lighting, transportation, parks and civic areas. The set of actions carried out in this district will pilot the practical application of the techniques and solutions discussed and planned, illustrating the cost savings, energy efficiency and improved services and quality of life of its inhabitants.

The last phase is that will extend to the rest of the city the technological solutions developed in the pilot district to achieve energy efficiency and intelligent control integrated citywide. The diffusion and dissemination of the results obtained in the pilot area will serve to encourage its application in the rest of the city, both in the public and private action.

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