Awarded CARTIF poster presented at the Green Cars Spanish National Conference 2012

04 october 2012
La investigadora Nuria García recibiendo el premio La investigadora Nuria García recibiendo el premio

The event brought in Vitoria (Spain) over 250 professionals in electromobility.

The winning poster was presented by the researchers of the Environment Division, Nuria Garcia and Laura Pablos. Based on Green Car Ecodesign project, proposes a series of "eco-technologies" for the main components of electric vehicles.

There were no environmental studies in Green Cars with a life cycle approach until 2010. In this project, current technologies of the main components in a EV are analyzed and Eco-Design strategies were applied to improve their environmental behavior. The poster, also presents the simulation of the initial scenarios and the virtual comparison with the proposed "Eco-technologies".

Among the analyzed components are the batteries, converters, charging points, braking systems and air conditioning systems. The solutions selected among the improvement ideas are; the weight of the battery is reduced to the half achieving the same vehicle autonomy through a ranger extender. The battery charger is included in the inverter. The project researchers are prototyping to check the environmental advantages. Three components of the charging points have been integrated in an only module more energetically efficient and less wiring is necessary. In the case of the braking systems, the researchers have been incorporated natural fibers in the friction material and have been removed some heavy metals. And the solution proposed for the a.c. system is casing of the HVAC unit made of ceramics instead of polypropylene.

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