Spanish Research Centers calling for a radical change in public policy R & D

19 october 2012

Currently, these Centres are subject to financial stress caused by debt that regional governments have contracted with them.

The president of the Spanish Federation of Technology Centres (Fedit in Spanish), Salvador Bresó, appeared this week before the Senate which called for a radical change in public policy for R & D & I. Fedit President revealed that public policies have not been able to encourage private participation in the financing of R&D in Spain and only acceptable results have been obtained in science.

The results of the Spanish R&D are affected by the political and economic and educational institutions and, therefore, should analyze how these influence and may limit the efficiency of our R & D & I. From the point of view of Fedit, requires a deep institutional reform politically and within the Spanish R&D to regenerate the poor results obtained in the present in all aspects of its economic impact through improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Currently, technology centers are subject to financial stress caused by debt that regional governments have contracted with them. In this unfavorable environment, it is not clear that the ALF (Autonomous Liquidity Fund) can solve this problem, so the Federation has requested more specificity to the Government.

Companies that cooperate with Fedit Centers indicate that, thanks to his relationship with them, spending more than 4% of their income on R & D. They also recognize the impact of centers on increasing the resources devoted to R & D, its turnover, of which 44% comes from new for the company and the market, and the productivity of the company.

Technology Centers multiply the relative importance of business funding of R & D, cooperation with companies, participation in strategic partnerships for Industrial Research (CENIT Program) and international programs (Framework Programme) for universities and Public Research.

Furthermore, a reduction of 100 million euros in public funding of technology centers amount to a reduction of 720 million reduction in public funding for R & D of public research organizations, if we consider the data in regarding support for R & D enterprise, innovation cooperation of enterprises and obtain returns of European FP.

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