Technology offer

The concern of modern society about controlling their health through their diet, makes essential a thorough control of the manufacturing process of food, which guarantees maximum quality and safety.We work on offering solutions to the industry and the consumers, paying attention to their needs. To accomplish this, we optimize the manufacturing processes, develop new products, and do agrofood waste recovery, besides of undertaking physicochemical, microbiological and sensory analysis.


This research line rises from the need to find an alternative to synthetic compounds for the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutics industry, and substitute them with natural ones, which could also come from low-value raw materials or by-products derived from the productive process of the company (grape pomace, apple waste, chicory, seeds). Its objective is to obtain compounds with high added value, by extraction, purification, and hydrolysis techniques, and other processing methods like extrusion. The obtaining of this kind of compounds intends to be the starting point for the design and formulation of new food, cosmetic, and /or pharmaceutical products with high added value.
Our aim is the application of Biotechnology to the development of new productive processes and to the support of current processes in the agro-food sector, by the development of biotechnological processes (biocatalysis and enzymatic technologies) for the revaluation of waste and obtaining new products. And all of this done through the application of new Molecular Biology techniques to strengthen the productive processes of the agro-food industry.
Application of new technologies for extraction and isolation of natural products with biological activity from agro-food waste, using leaching, supercritical fluid extraction, striping, and other techniques.
Systems for purification, separation, and stabilization of natural extracts, by fractioning on a resin, spray drying, selective extraction, and cross-flow filtration.
Design and implementation of processes (or processes steps) in various sectors (e.g. dairy, pastry, automotive, and wood sectors).
Currently, the Centre counts with pilot plants of supercritical fluid extraction, hydrolysis reactors, ultrafiltration, bioreactors, and a multipurpose pilot plant, which are all used for the optimization of study processes.