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Director General Dr. José Ramón Perán González

Dr. José R. Perán González has been CARTIF CEO since its foundation. He is emeritus professor at Valladolid University, where he managed the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatics.

Dr. Perán's education (he has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and in Physical Science, and is an Economics graduate) has allowed him to work for thirty years in the private sector -he was head of the bodyworks and mechanics factory and Industrial Director of Renault- and to hold outstanding academic positions.

Throughout his vast career, he has developed and coordinated more than 100 R&D projects in Spain and abroad, and has published more than 100 articles, books and book chapters.
He is a member of the IEEE, in which he belongs to 14 societies of the Automatics Spanish Committee CEA-IFAC and the Royal Spanish Society of Physics.

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Director Investigación Dr. Enrique Baeyens Lázaro

Dr. Baeyens is the Research Director of the Centre since 2007, and has been tied to the Centre since its foundation holding different positions.

He is a professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Automatics in the University of Valladolid. He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and his specialities are the modelling and identification of systems, robust control, real-time control, manufacturing systems, formal methods, and the modelling, identification and control of physiological systems.

Julio González Laá Mr. Julio González Laá

Félix Nieto Mr. Félix Nieto
Business Development

Sergio Sanz Mr. Sergio Sanz
R&D Programmes

Antonio Ferrero Mr. Antorio Ferrero
Projects Management


Eduardo Zalama Dr. Eduardo Zalama


Fernando Frechoso Dr. Fernando Frechoso


Gregorio Antolín Dr. Gregorio Antolín