About us

Business excellence

The CARTIF Direction, in order to achieve a high level of quality in all activities in the Center, so as to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and/or stakeholders (University, Region, Scientific, Industrial and Business Community) is committed:

Establish, maintain and continuously improve the Integrated Management System (SIGMAQ) throughout CARTIF, ensuring that activities are conducted in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, EN ISO / IEC 17025, UNE 166002, and UNE-EN ISO 14006, taking into account the requirements set by customers and stakeholders, as well as legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements.


In the annual evaluation of environmental aspects of the year 2019 in CARTIF, we highlight the significant fuel consumption and the production of hazardous waste. The significant index, resulting from the assessment of environmental aspects, was 18.24, as in 2018, although there has been an increase in the amount of executed projects. The improvement objectives for 2020 include the reduction of consumption and production of these two significant aspects.