New strategy for re-naturing cities through Nature-Based Solutions, the new deal of CARTIF

07 june 2017

URBAN GreenUP is a project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Under the coordination of CARTIF Technology Centre, 25 partners from 9 countries are working together to develop a new strategy for re-naturing cities through Nature-Based Solutions. Activities will take place in the three demonstrator cities of Valladolid (Spain), Liverpool (UK) and Izmir (Turkey) and will be replicated across Europe, Latin America and Asia. The project will officially be launched in Valladolid on 7th June.

The URBAN GreenUP project aims to contribute to the mitigation of climate change risks in cities, increase the resilience to climate change effects and improve air quality. The project will raise awareness about the benefits of re-naturing cities and making cities more sustainable places.

“RUP – Re-naturing Urban Plan” is the new keyword, offering a green transformation in cities, through Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). URBAN GreenUP partners will also focus on the “green economy in cities” approach – they want to explore and promote an innovative and dynamic economic concept that supports employment, generates new business models, attracts talent and provides goods and services.

The activities to be planned and carried out in the three demonstrator cities include innovative, technological elements which connect with citizens and improve awareness, in addition to well-being, educational, mentoring and support activities. Solutions generated by the URBAN GreenUP project will be readily transferable to other cities

Project activities will be carried out in the three ‘front-runner’ cities of Valladolid (Spain), Liverpool (United Kingdom) and Izmir (Turkey). The five follower cities Mantova (Italy), Ludwigsburg (Germany), Medellin (Colombia), Chengdu (China) and Binh Dinh-Quy Nhon (Vietnam) will directly learn from these experiences and set up their own re-naturing urban plans. On a third level, cities from Europe and beyond are invited to exchange experiences and learn directly from the URBAN GreenUP findingsand results by joining the URBAN GreenUP cities network.

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