‘CARTIF lives LIFE’: 25 years of LIFE Programme

19 may 2017

LIFE Programme, the EU’s financial instrument for the care of environment, celebrates this year the 25th anniversary after being approved on 21st May 1992. Since then, it has successfully contributed throughout its projects to the conservation of European natural heritage, mitigating climate change and global warming, creating environmental policy and disclosing information about environmental topics for every European member.

CARTIF has worked in more than 20 projects of LIFE Programme, leading 12 of them. In 2012, CARTIF was the European entity with more LIFE projects obtained, 7.

Currently, the centre works on very different projects, from the develop of ‘new anti-polluting roads’, to increase the resilience of hospitals to climate change, improve the waste management in remote areas or the extraction of by-products coming from the pig sector, among others.

Due to these reasons, CARTIF take part in the celebrations of this special year and we organize ‘CARTIF lives LIFE’. Celebrating the 25th anniversary LIFE Programme’, in our facilities in Boecillo, the next 15th June. The team of LIFE projects coordinators from CARTIF will give the keys to get a successful proposal and will explain some of our projects. They will mention some news of 2017 call, after the infoday in the Spanish ministry of environment.

In addition, CARTIF will celebrate the final conference of COLRECEPS project, which has developed and is testing a prototype plan to recycle EPS waste to obtain pearls of EPS. The project is due to the need to solve the environmental problem of the accumulation of large amounts of EPS waste in landfills, which are not biodegradable and because of its low density occupy a large volume. The obtained pearls will be used to manufacture new prototype products made of recycled EPS. Through this process, the life cycle of expanded polystyrene is closed, giving an added value to this waste.

You can find more information about the session here.

If you want to attend, please click in this link.
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