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  • CARTIF NEWSVIEW. March - April 2015

    CARTIF's corporate magazine

  • REMOURBAN Project

    First Lighthouse Project coordinated in Spain

  • Agrofood

    Our research lines are focused to get new food, ingredients and technologies to help our clients to improve their competitiveness towards the control of the manufacturing process of food, which guarantees maximum quality and safety.

  • Industrial solutions

    We have 20 year experience in ready-to-use-solutions. We work in the transition towards the Factory of the Future and the efficient manufacturing applying collaborative robotics and advanced automation.

  • Energy&environment

    We were pioneers in the renewable energy building integration and we continue researching in the sustainable management and the efficient use of resources

  • Construction&infrastructures

    Our challenges are to get new goals in sustainable mobility, improving the transport infrastructures preservation, and developing solutions for sustainable transport in the future as well we work in new solutions for Smart and Sustainable Construction.

  • Health&quality of life

    We are committed with the future’s greatest challenge: to improve people’s quality of life, particularly for the ageing phenomenon from different health perspectives, by developing and marketing high-impact life-transforming products and services.


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